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Become a Child Sponsor

Give hope to a child who's parents are struggling to make ends meet by becoming a sponsor and supporting their education and academic development. In Haiti, a small island devastated by natural disaster, political upheaval, and a downward economy, many children suffer with being unable to access a good education. At the Hands of God Foundation, we believe that child sponsorship has the power to drive change that ripples throughout children's lives, their families and entire communities. With just $19 a month or $228 for the entire year, you can send a child to school with the proper supplies and resources need for them to learn and blossom. You can choose the location, gender, and age of your sponsored child and whether or not you want the accessibility to connect with them and their family. 


"I am so thankful for my Sponsor, without her I don't know if I would've had a shot at a good education. My parents have very little and with 7 other children, they had no means to send me to school. God bless my Sponsor, I can say today I have a chance at the future."-Samuel Jean

"My Sponsor is much more than a sponsor, he has become a mentor and father figure to me as I have lost both parents at a young age. He has inspired me to dream big and never count myself out in spite of my circumstances. I am so thankful for having him in my life."- Richard Henry

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Tuition Support

Firstly, your sponsorship will  fund a child's tuition for the year which supports teacher's salaries and the school's operational expenses. Thank you for caring  for the future of Haitian children.

Learning Resources

In this technology age, many children in Haiti are falling behind due to a lack of resources. Your sponsorship will ensure that a child has all the necessary tools and systems needed to thrive.

School Nutrition

 School breakfast and lunch are often in shortage, limiting the portion size every child can receive. Your sponsorship will support a child's daily nutrition at school.


Advisors play a key role in education enrichment. Your sponsorship will allow a child to receive monthly mentorship counseling to ensure academic progress and achievement. 

"Having a Sponsor is the best thing that has occurred in my life. Before I did not care much for school and learning because I didn't have all the necessary resources I needed. My Sponsor ensured I had access to all the required learning tools I need to succeed." Natalie St.Vil

"Ever since I've gotten a Sponsor, my academic performance has improved as I am now able to remain in school uninterrupted. Before then, my parents never knew if they would be able to afford my tuition every month, so often times, I had to miss school." -Melissa Pierre

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