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SPONSOR ME: Abelson Sanon

Price Options
Monthly Sponsorship
$19.00every month until canceled
Annual Sponsorship
$228.00every year until canceled
  • When you sponsor a child, the money is directed to these four essential components of the child's education.

    • Tuition: Firstly, the money covers the child's tuition for the academic year.
    • Resources: Second, the money covers basic resources and tools necessary to support the child's learning. Examples of resources may include uniform, shoes, books, and other classroom equipments.
    • Nutrition: 10% of your sponsorship support goes to the school in support of ensuring the child is fed during the school day.
    • Mentorship: Some children requires additional support in order to overcome academic hurdles to succeed. A small portion goes to the school to ensure this child can get additional tutoring or counseling support on a bi-weekly or monthly basis so that they succeed.
  • As becoming a child sponsor is an important commitment impacting a child's life, we ask that if you were to decide to no longer continue sponsoring this child to please provide us with a three month notice via email. This courtesy allows us time to find a new sponsor for this child and their family so that their education goes uninterrupted.

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