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Blessing to A Weary Child

Happy Sunday everyone! This morning as I departed from a long shift, I got a chance to chat with some of our potential sponsors. These are nurses like me, who has all been equally exhausted; Yet, they found earnest contentment as we huddled on this long awaited child sponsorship program.

To my surprise, they were as committed and pumped about this project as I was. One even asked me something to the like, “how are these children going to school Kelly, if you’re taking so long?” I was shaken by her question for it make so much sense, if I sounded the massive 5 am alarm “fire!” how am I relaxing on a rocking chair in the middle of it all? Of course, that hasn’t been the case, as I’ve been working very hard to see this through; however, there's been many bumps along the road.

She made me to understand that thanksgiving is the perfect season to push this initiative. While we’re all celebrating our blessings, through that same spirit we should seek to bless these children who’d been severely impacted by unforeseen calamities. I’ve also been made to believe that, if there is a gift that is to be given in these season of giving, “Thanksgiving or Christmas”, it should be the gift of access to good education, for there is no greater gift to any child.

So today, as we’re planning to celebrate our profound blessing, let us plan to also dig down in our pockets and seek to bless a weary child with a hassle-free, tuition free school year.

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday November 23rd either in the morning or our evening session as we seek to simplify our child sponsorship program. Feel free to reach us at for our ZOOM link and the time of meeting. God bless you all!


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