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The Godly Home

Last week I asked which ministry is the primary ministry to a godly man between his family, the church, and his career. Most of you persuasively promoted the idea of the family being a man’s first ministry and I concurred for only then can he effectively care for the Body of Christ, which is the church and his spiritual family.

Today, my question is, what constitutes the Christian Home?

In one of the Two Minutes with The Bible, Pastor Cornelius R. Stam attests that “there is no place in all this world so wholesome and refreshing as a Christian home, a home where Christ is truly loved and honored.”

Is there another place in the world that is more precious than the Christian Home?

I agree with Pastor Sam that there isn’t. The Christian home is exceptionally nourishing and inspiring, in fact, it’s partly what has allowed for my fiery desire to be so invested in my own family's godliness, giving me the drive to raise my own family in a godly home.

I was raised on the basic notion of Luke 4:4 that “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God,” and with the same ideal as in Joshua 24:15, that it was a duty to serve the Lord as a family!

I grew up in what most would consider partly a dysfunctional household, as we were numerous, a family of ten, eight siblings including myself, mom, and dad. We grew up with the bare minimum, sharing everything and often brawled over limited resources. Yet, while we were deprived of worldly resources, we had everything we needed to survive and thrive in the face of extreme desperation for we had “God” within our home.

In our home, we enjoyed a modest lifestyle, beginning each day with prayer as godly hymns echoed through our speakers, absent of distracting television screens. This wasn’t religion but rather a lifestyle in honor of God for His goodness towards us all as a family. Weekends were well-structured with Saturday morning prayer services at individualized homes, choir rehearsal in the evening, Sunday school with worship services to follow, and dinner with the entire church family. We dined together almost in the same manner as did the Lord as he broke bread with the people.

The young were expected to assume responsibilities to care for those who were younger. Among my many responsibilities was one to help in the maintenance of the church edifice; while assisting in leading the youth. We were taught the word of God in the same manner as the adults, using the French bible; thus, igniting early growth in knowledge.

In conclusion, the godly home is where children are raised with wisdom, principle, and good instruction. As stipulated by Proverbs 22:6, children are to be trained in the ways they should go, “And when he is old, he will not depart from it.” I pray to God that He will bless you with the drive, stamina, and motivation needed to train your own children in the ways that they should go, and if done right, in the manner of God, they will never depart from it.


Let us know what you believe is a Godly Home and what are its apparent benefits in our lives?

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